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About Aqua Art

"Aqua Art Pond Equipment & Supply" mail order business is located in N. California. We have special interest & expertise in "The Art of Pond Keeping"

 Our philosophy is to do the job right the first time.

 Our expertise is minimum maintenance ponds, plumbing and hydraulics, energy-efficient pump usage and filtration.

 Our qualifications are over 30 years of ornamental aquaculture, practical hands-on experience and extensive training in biology and ecology.

 Aqua Art was established in 1983. We offered our first pond supply catalog in 1992, followed by our entrance onto the internet in 1995 with www.AquaArt.com.

 Our website has over 300 pages with a full range of products, services and advice. We much prefer the color and dynamics of the internet, not to mention changes, additions, deletions, pricing and information up to date. We've been told many times that we have the best website of this kind on the internet. See our customer comments on our "Letters" page.

 We have an extensive product line for the installation & care of koi &/or garden ponds & watergardens. Our preferred customer is one who is interested in a minimum maintenance pond, wants to do it right the first time and who recognizes good advice & follows our recommendations. What we enjoy most about our business is a job well done - a satisfied customer, clear water & low, low maintenance for a long, long time.

 Part of our business is in the field so we can't always answer the phones. Just leave a message. You can place a secure order on-line or by phone or fax. Orders usually go out within 3 days of receipt and usually arrive from 1- 6 days later depending on method (and efficiency) of delivery (UPS, motorfreight).

 We offer here plenty of free advice for those just starting out or anyone building a pond and we recommend that you start here: "Helpful Articles". There is no substitute for a successful minimum maintenance pond.

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