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Aqua Art Retro Drain Air Diffuser and Kits

We offer a number of combinations for you to select from (below). Each represents offerings based on your needs. Some pond keepers already have an air pump. Others may have air plumbing already in place. Still others may already have purchased a Large Aqua Art RetroDrain.

Mount a 9” diameter/ 1.4 - 4.2 cfm air membrane to the top
of a new or existing Aqua Art Large Retro Drain.

D14ARK1 - Aqua Art Retro Drain Air Diffuser Kit includes:
10 oz. cartridge of Sikaflex for securing large, fist size river washed rock to Retro Drain feet.
(1) 9” diameter air membrane
(1) Air tower adapter - makes a clean, debris free link to the top of a large model Aqua Art Retro Drain. Also Air membrane tower can contain some aquarium grade gravel to create more ballast (gravel not included).
(2 sets) of special fittings and tubing to make an air line tubing connection to the side wall of the perimeter vertical wall of the drain.
(12.5’) 1/2” I.D. black, weighted air line tubing with black zip ties to secure air line to the drain's pump suction pipe line.
1" diameter hole saw
Small barrel sander

Additional installation information regarding RetroDrain plumbing

Connecting a RetroDrain to a niche skimmer

 Aqua Art Retro-Drain with Air Diffuser Option for Larger Retro-Drain

Cobble Rock Securement Options on Aqua Art Retro-Drains with Air Membranes

"Super Flex Pipe" Installation Option

During periods of high demand for the RetroDrain with Air Membrane Option, we may substitute this membrane for the one pictured above. It has the same air delivery specifications as the one pictured above.

If you purchase D14ARK 1, 2 , or 3, you will need the following tools:
Electric drill
Pocket knife or dremel motor tool

It is always preferable, when using a RetroDrain with air system to secure the cobble rock to the drain feet with black silicone or sikaflex


Air Membrane Diffuser Mounting Kit to fit large Aqua Art RetroDrain

Select this Kit version if you already own a Lg. Aqua Art RetroDrain and a suitable air pump, but need everything else to adapt the drain for an air system.


Same as D14ARK1, less 12.5” weighted air line tubing

Select this kit version if you own a Lg. Aqua Art RetroDrain and a suitable air pump and weighted air line/suitable air plumbing, but need everything else.

Instructions for D14ARK2


Same as D14ARK1, includes Hakko HK-40L air pump

Select this kit version if you own a Lg. Aqua Art RetroDrain and need all air plumbing, air membrane, parts and air pump.


Large RetroDrain with the following pre-installed
air tower
air connector parts terminating at side wall of drain w/ 1/2" barb fitting
10 oz. cartridge of black Sikaflex

Select this kit version if you wish to buy a Lg. Aqua Art RetroDrain with air tower, membrane and air line to the side of the Drain with 1/2" barb fitting attached.

179.00 [Buy]

Complete Large Retro Drain Air,
with Air membrane installed on drain
all tubing
air pump
kit parts
10 oz. cartridge of black Sikaflex

Select this version if you need a Drain with everything.


Retro Drain Ballast -
Retro fit a ballast to the large Retro Drain. Adds approximately 5 lbs. of weight to the perimeter of a large Aqua Art Retro drain.
Mounts to the underside perimeter shelf of the drain and contains aquarium grade gravel. (aquarium gravel not included)
Augments or elimates the need for river washed cobbles on the feet of the drain as anchors. Intended for use with Aqua Art air systems. Includes glue and silicone for mounting.
Available Spring 2016 with the purchase with a D1410 RetroDrain due to the intricacies of the installation.



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