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Big Sister Installation

by Aqua Art

 Proper flow rate through the "Big Sister Filter".

 Note water spilling over mid-filter weir.

 "Big Sister Filter" with 40 watt Aqua Ultraviolet Filter installed in gravity return line of filter.

 Example of Aqua Ultraviolet filter installed with opposing ports. Note plumbing is maintained at 3" pipe size prior to & exiting UV filter.

 2" unions are installed before & after the UV unit to facilitate periodic servicing.


 Note 1/2" flexible PVC pipe, 1/2" ball valve & miniature brass "fire nozzle". This 1/2" line is connected to the incoming, unfiltered water pumped from the pond.

  This is a minimum maintenance feature we add to all installations. One simply closes the main feed valve to the filter which diverts pressure to the 1/2" line & allows the owner to spray, under pressure, the prefilter brushes & the mat media.

  One should always alternate the spraying of filter media with time - approximately one week - between prefilter media & main media to prevent large population losses of beneficial nitrifying bacteria.

 Shown here is the proper water level & flow rate of this filter with clean mat media. Water should not be allowed to enter the filter at such a rate that the water spills over into the top of the standpipe Tee with clean mat media.

 When the mat media becomes clogged with debris the water level in this bio portion of the filter will (as a result of back pressure from the soiled mats) gradually rise & (if heavily neglected) begin to spill over into the Tee, bypassing the media. This is an intentional fail-safe design of the filter.

 It also tells the user at a simple glance, how dirty the mat media has become - the closer the water level gets to the top of the Tee, the dirtier the mat media has become.

 Gravity return end of filter. Note 3" x 2" ABS bell reducer, 2" union, entrance to UV unit.
NEMA electrical box with UV transformer is positioned on the right (gray box).