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Filtermedia - Brushes - Polyester Mat Media


 4" Filter brush biological filter media is typically used as prefiltration media for its ability to filter out organic particulate matter as well as providing an environment ideally suited for friendly bacteria.

 Minimal dissolved oxygen loss. Bristles are black, on stainless steel wire core. 4" diameter brushes have stainless steel eye hook at one end and hang vertically in chamber.

 The inside diameter of the eye hook mates perfectly with the outside diameter of 1/2" CPVC pipe for easy vertical hanging.

 Ideal nesting of brushes is obtained at 3 1/4" on center.

Individual brushes are available during peak season months on a limited basis.




 $ each


 FM305 Filter Brush Media


8.50 [Buy]
 FM306 Filter Brush Media


11.00 [Buy]
 FM308 Filter Brush Media


13.00 [Buy]

Mat Filter Media

Mat Media Mat Filter Media: Nylon and polyester based media. A threadlike material blown into mat form in a random matrix grid. Allows easy water flow, minimal dissolved oxygen loss. Typically used as a prefilter media.

  Filter Media:


 FM292R Nylon/Polyester Blend: 10 ft. Roll

56" 185.00 / roll [Buy]
 FM294R  Plastic Filter Media: 15 ft. Roll

56" 165.00 / roll [Buy]


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