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Matala Roll Cartridges Filter Media for Round Filters

Use black for heavy particulate matter, prefiltration or boosting the performance of a settling chamber
Use green for medium particulate matter
Use blue for fine particulate and biological matter
Use gray for very fine particulate and biological matter
6" Thickness; 3 Diameters: 22", 24", 37"

Diameter size varies up to 2%
"Drop-in" fit for a quick no hassle installation.
High surface area per cu. ft
High free volume for smooth even water flow.
Very resistant to plugging. Non-channeling.
Easy Cleaning.
Self supporting.
Non-toxic to the environment; made of Thermo-polypropylene compounds.
Light weight.
Slightly flexible compared to sheets of Matala®.
Versatile and durable.

Round Matala has the same qualities as the sheets of Matala in a coiled pre-cut cartridge. Simply select the diameter roll and the density you need for your round tank and drop it in. Round Matala will naturally wedge in place without amy need for support. The four sequential densities (black, green, blue, gray) can be perfectly employed to achieve maximum solids / biofiltration.

Each roll is 6" thick with a tremendous potential to trap dirt and yet is easy to clean. Simply drain the waste out of the bottom drain and gently pour pond water over the round Matala. The open structure of the media provides excellent flow-through without channeling. Since most round tanks are also rather tall, you can stratify the round Matala in sequential layers to make the best use of the chamber. Round Matala is slightly flexible compared to sheets of Matala.

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 RM622  Black 22"  63.00 [Buy]
 RM624  Black 24" 76.00 [Buy]
 RM637  Black 37" 


 RM822  Green 22" 
 RM824  Green 24" 
 RM837  Green 37" 


 RM722  Blue 22"  69.00 [Buy]
 RM724  Blue 24"  82.00 [Buy]
 RM737  Blue 37"  193.00 [Buy]


 RM922  Gray 22"  78.00 [Buy]
 RM924  Gray 24"  93.00 [Buy]

How to: Make Your Own Filter


See below:

Additional Information, R-Matala® Cartridges for Round Filter Tanks
Use all four densities for sequential filtration.

Black is the most open (least dense) at 64 sq. ft. per cubic ft. and is perfect for settling type vortex tanks. This potentially keeps solids from ever reaching your second tank and it doesn't block the water flow. This ability alone will make a huge difference in how your system works!

Green is the next density in series at 96 sq.ft. per cu. ft. and is perfect for the second or middle filter position of your vortex system. Awesome flow-through characteristics provide tremendous aerobic conditions for your bacteria and will also trap small particles.

This stage of your filter should not require vigorous cleaning of the media. Simply draining the tank is often enough to remove excess solids and bacterial residue. R-Matala® lets go of the dirt easily. A neglected filter can be cleaned by pouring pond water over the media just once! No need to remove R-Matala® from the filter tank!

Use common sense when cleaning. You can also shake the R-Matala® up and down in the tank to dislodge the dirt without losing the bacteria.

Blue Matala is third in density at 124 sq.ft. per cu.ft. It is truly a wonderful home for a thriving colony of filter bacteria. The open structure provides aerobic flow of water without channeling and the large surface area provides for high colonization of bacteria. Use the blue R-Matala® in your last bio chamber or position. When used in a 3 chamber system, cleaning involves draining the filter only. Once a year you may pour pond water over the Matala if necessary.

Every filter system is unique, drain your tanks consistently to maintain clean stable conditions. Use common sense, implement a cleaning technique that works well for your system. Matala makes it easy!

Grey Matala completes your filtration system as the most dense layer with 171 sq.ft. per cu.ft.
It functions mechanically as a very fine filter at the end of your system. Biologically, the tremendous aerobic surface area and interstitial spaces are designed to allow the bacteria to form a thick gel or bio-matrix which can grow a literal hot-bed of filter bacteria when maintained and aerated properly. You should use the grey R-Matala® in your last tank. Cleaning requires draining of the tank. You can pour pond water over the Matala to really clean it if necessary. A better idea is to shake dirty media up and down while the tank drains. This dislodges the mulm without disrupting the bacteria.

Decades of research and development have gone into the production of Matala®.
The manufacturers of Matala® are pioneers in aquaculture worldwide. All efforts have been focused on designing a proper media that will trap solids without plugging up and provide a suitable aerobic surface where filter bacteria can grow in good health.

Matala is in use worldwide in the aquaculture, koi pond and aquarium industries.
Now with the advent of R-Matala®, hobbyists with round filter tanks have a state of the art, "drop in" media that really performs. R-Matala® has just significantly raised the bar.


Barrel shown is cut away to show internal filter media layers.

 To make your own filter:

24", 25", 30", 32" and 36" diameter barrels with gallonages ranging from 30 to 55 gallons can be used as biological filters with the use of Matala round and/or mat media, our bulkhead fittings and a bit of ingenuity.

Typically, a 2" bulkhead fitting is installed in the bottom of the container along with a 90 degree fitting, then a ball valve.

This plumbing is connected to the discharge side of your pump.

Water is pumped into the filter and upflows through the various grades of Matala round media and returns to the pond by exiting the top of the filter via a 2" bulkhead fitting on the upper most side of the filter container.

Water returns to the pond by gravity. A second ball valve can be added to the input manifold along with a tee in the line to provide for a backflush capability. 

You can typically find these polyethylene food grade syrup containers from recycle centers, beverage bottle houses and sugar syrup distributors.


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