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Electronic Water Clarifier

Ionizer electronic water clarifier is all new modular design. Tool-less, seamless integration with optional Check Valve. Safe for animals and plants, and unaffected by sunlight and heat, this mineralized water maintains a residual ability to treat organics, greatly reducing the need for chemical treatments.

Pond, Pond-free, Fountain applications
Can have a positive effect on string algae control
Safe for fish and plants
Low maintenance
Clears water without use of harsh chemicals
Level of mineralization is controlled by the LED panel. Adjustable on a scale of 1 - 10
Treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons
Easily installed in any new or existing water feature
Electrodes are easily replaced every 1 - 3 years
12 volt AC, 2 watts
Inlet/Outlet 2” PVC
Includes additional 2" union, black
1 year warrantee
Instruction Manual

This low voltage water management system electronically introduces microscopic ions of copper, silver and zinc into the water which control algae growth and keep your pond crystal clear. This mineralized water is not only safe for animals and plants, but actually promotes healthy living coditions in the water. Mineralized water maintains a residual ability to treat algae and is not affected by heat or sunlight, greatly reducing the need for chemical treatments.

It is best to install this unit after a biological filter on your pond system. If you have a gravity return type biological filter, the pipe that contains this device should be full/flooded with water at all times. Call if you have questions: 707 853 0118.

Periodic replacement of electrodes is simple. Instead of a whole assembly, only the electrodes are changed, again without needing tools.

TRI-1 Ionizer Electronic Water Clarifier, with Check Valve 345.00 [Buy]
TRI-0 Ionizer Electronic Water Clarifier, w/o Check Valve*
*Assumes you have a Check Valve on the discharge side of your system
329.00 [Buy]
TRI-A Replacement Anode 89.50 [Buy]
TRI-K Alkalinity, pH, and copper tests, 25 ct. 23.50 [Buy]
TRI-C Copper Test kit, 90 tests 12.50 [Buy]

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