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Matala BioSteps 10 Gravity Return Filters

See below for EZ Bio Filter

23" long x 14" wide x 20" high
1 1/2", 1", or 3/4" barbed input port;
1 1/2" or 1 1/4" barbed drain port with plug; 1 1/2" slip return port
6 sections for Step-Wise filtration from mechanical to biological
Crossflow design holds a tremendous amount of dirt without plugging
10 gallons of Matala media and open cell foam (1.3 cu. ft.)
200 sq. ft. of surface area for bacterial growth
Easy cleaning with sloped bottom and bottom drain
Optional integral ultraviolet unit
Rugged construction - does not bow
Includes 2 sections of green, 2 blue, 4 gray Matala Media
1300 gallon koi pond capacity
Media maintenance indicator
Gravity return filter
Proper sizing of pump is very important

Choosing a Filter: Please click here for more information you should know about setting up this filter before you purchase.
BS100 Biosteps 10 Filter: w/ media 249.00 [Buy]
BS109 Biosteps 10 Filter: w/ 9 watt UV unit 367.95 [Buy]
BS113 Biosteps 10 Filter: w/13 watt UV unit 419.85 [Buy]
BS118 Biosteps 10 filter: w/ 18 watt UV unit 478.00 [Buy]
BS125 Biosteps 10 filter: w/ AquaUltraviolet 25 w "Twist" UV unit 479.60 [Buy]

Biosteps Lid 
Biosteps interior 
Biosteps Matala filtration media 


 Biosteps Plumbing
Biosteps Ultraviolet system 

Plumbing Upgrade for BioSteps 10 Filter

The BioSteps 10 filter comes with a thumb wing plug for the drain. It also comes with a hosetail barb bulkhead for feeding the filter with unfiltered water. Add a more minimum maintenance approach to servicing the filter with the addition of this plumbing upgrade.

1. 1/2 inch flexpipe with ball valve diverts water from the filter input to purge filter media during servicing. The pondkeeper simply turns off the feed valve (#3) and opens diverter valve (#2) diverting all the water from the pump to the diverter line.

2. 1/2 inch ball valve for flow control to diverter line.

3. 1" ball valve controls flow to filter.

4. 1" x 1" x 1/2" combination 90 degree fitting splits pump discharge line to feed filter and diverter.

5. Matala bukhead for filter drain with flexpipe, male adapter, ball valve and flexpipe.

 BSPU  BioSteps Plumbing Upgrade for BioSteps 10 Filter  35.00  [Buy]

EZ Bio Filter: Non pressurized in-pond filter

8" diameter x 8" long; 1 1/2" female threaded port
Graduated horsetail barb adapter for your pump
Submersible filter
For ponds up to 200 gallons
Can be used as pump impeller guard
Uses two grades of Matala filter media
Should not be used with a centrifugal pump
EZ100   EZ Biofilter, single core 29.95 [Buy] 
EZ200  EZ Biofilter, double core 49.00  [Buy] 

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