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Mortar Technique

See "Rock to Rubber" Adhesive Units
for bonding rock to rubber liner


The picture above is an example of shoddy mortar work - to be avoided!!! Algae and debris will collect in the rough surface. This excess mortar will add to high alkaline pH water.

This job was done by a contractor in a hurry to make a quick buck. The owner was left to clean up this horrible mess and called us for help. Choose your contractor with care.

The following pictures are examples of neat, tidy work, done with a concern for the end result.

  Water exposed to this stonework will pick up a minimum amount of alkalai from the concrete.

The collection of debris & algae will also be minimized.
Note the esthetically pleasing result as a contrast to the top picture on this page.

Last (but not least): Remember - proper mortaring is a minimum maintenance feature.