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 Medications - Neocide-3


Administered by dipping the koi in a solution (5 minute, reusable bath), rather than by injection.
Neocide-3 is a user-friendly treatment that can be easily administered by both novice and professional koi keepers.
Neocide-3 creates holes in the bacterial cell wall which in turn allows antibiotic to flood the organism, destroying the effectiveness of the bacteria's efflux pump and facilitating osmotic collapse of the bacterium. Because the potentiator causes direct physical damage to the bacteria, it can kill otherwise drug-resistant bacteria with low class antibiotics.
Use Neocide-3 for ulcerations, fin rot, gill disease, quarantine and treatment of new arrivals.

 NEO1  Neocide-3: 1 gallon bath, can be reused during the course of treatment 25.00   [Buy]
 NEO5  Neocide-3: 5 gallon bath, can be reused during the course of treatment 65.00   [Buy]


 Health and Medication Tips

Do not place rocks or gravel on the bottom of your pond.
Use a drain or retro-drain for minimum maintenance and a maximum healthy environment for your fish.
Perform 10-15% water changes every month (excluding winter or freezing periods).
Install a filter bypass for use during medications. Use an air pump to oxygenate your filter and pond during medication. (Except when using formalin)
Use a quarantine tank if possible, instead of medicating your entire pond.
Know the gallonage of the body of water you are medicating - before you medicate. (See below)
Use an increased water temperature to shorten the life cycle and ultimately kill some pathogenic parasites faster.
Use activated carbon to remove many medications from the pond water when you take your fish off medication.
Use sea salt or pure rock salt, pre-mixed up to 4 pounds per 100 gallons of treated pond water for building (or rebuilding) the natural and protective slime coat on your fish. Afish's slime coat is its first line of defense.
An ultraviolet filter will kill many pathogens, but not all since it can only kill what passes through it.
Use an immune system building food such as Sho-Koi.

   How can I measure gallonage of my pond?

In a square or regtangular pond: length x width x depth (in feet) x 7.48 = gallons.

In a circular pond: Area x depth (in feet) x 7.48 = gallons
(Area = pi x radius squared) (pi = 3.1416) (radius = 1/2 diameter)

In freeform shaped ponds: Divide pond into rectangles, squares and circles - add the divided areas together.