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Aqua Art Commercial Facility

We currently use this commercial facility for office and shipping.

We are primarily an install, renovate, maintain, and repair business.

We have been in business for over 30 years.

We sell equipment and supplies via our web site and some printed materials.

We provide order, will call, and pick- up service for SF Bay Area customers by appointment.

We provide a product display area at this facility which allows for the viewing of common items such as drains, pumps, filters, specialized fittings, water conditioners and additives. We also offer entry level pond fish such as Shibunkins, Comets, and small Koi.

To view select items, please call (707) 853 0118 in advance for appointment

Phone: (707) 642 7663
Cell: (707) 853 0118
Orders: (800) 995 9164

Aqua Art Pond Specialists
11F Poco Way
American Canyon CA 94503

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