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Installation of Sequence 750 in Pumphouse

C4953 union set
P357 leaf trap &
C218 bulkheads in
PH1324 pumphouse

At one end of the pumphouse box, locate the center bay between reinforcement ribs (arrow "A" in photo) on the inside of the pumphouse.

Measure from the top outside horizontal plane of the box 8" down on the outside of the box in the center (bay) of the end of the box. This is the center location for a 3 1/4" diameter hole. Mark this location.

Using a 3 1/4" diameter hole saw, use the pilot drill to drill a hole at this location, drilling from the outside, inward. This port will be the suction line to your pump.

Using the gasket or lock nut to a C218 bulkhead and the pilot hole you just drilled, make sure that the 3 1/4" hole you are about to drill is centered. If it is not - redrill the pilot hole. The C218 bulkhead must end up centered between the two reinforcing ribs on the inside of the pumphouse wall. Drill 3 1/4" diameter hole.

Install C218 bulkhead in this hole with locknut on the outside of the box.

Install a 2" PVC male adapter into 2" bulkhead on the inside of the pumphouse. Be sure to use teflon paste on both the threads of the bulkhead and the 2" male adapter.

Cut (preferrably with a power cutter or 2" PVC pliers) a piece of C284 2" flexpipe 3 3/4" long.

Using flexpipe glue #36050, glue 3 3/4" flexpipe into male adapter which is threaded into the bulkhead. Be sure it bottoms out in the male adapter.

Glue similarly the other end of the 3 3/4" flexpipe into the slip union of the P357 leaf trap.

Connect your Sequence 750 Series pump to the opposite side of the leaf trap.

Attach C249 bulkhead to discharge side of pump.

Mount C218 2" bulkhead to appropriate direction / pumphouse wall surface you wish to discharge your water through. Connect C249 union to this bulkhead with appropriate 2" 90° or 45° fittings, 2" male adapter and flexpipe.

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