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Plant Food, Spawning Baskets, Plant Stands, Containers

Lily Gro Plant Food

Spawing aids, fry (baby fish) containment

Pond Plant Stands, Containers & Tubs

Islandscapes Floating Islands

Lily Grow Plant Food

Lily Gro is an in-season tablet fertilizer for lilies and all other aquatic plants.

Lily Bloom is a dry pellet fertilizer, added to plant container soil or gravel, to promote growth and flowering of all potted water garden plants, especially lilies.

S448   Lily Gro  25 tablets  6.50 [Buy] 
S449   Lily Gro  75 tablets  17.00 [Buy] 

 "The Lily Gro works well. Lilies are thriving & making lots of beautiful blooms!"

 Ben, San Ramon CA


Spawning Basket

Unique Floating Conical shaped fine meshed basket has a special soft hair-like material attached to the outside of the cone basket. This synthetic hairlike material closely resembles grass and provides a natural-like environment that koi, goldfish and other carp fish are attracted to spawn on.

The pondkeeper simply places the basket in the pond during the time when fish are spawning. (typicaly the first two weeks of May). Once eggs are present on the grass-like material, the pondkeeper simply turns the spawning basket inside-out. This provides a safe environment for the eggs to develop and for the fry (baby fish). Keeping the cone in the pond allows for continued uninterupted pond water quality and chemistry.

Spawning Basket

Spawning Brush

This provides a safe environment for the eggs to develop and for the fry (baby fish) to hide in.

Spawning Brush, 40" long, 5 3/4" diameter

Shipped individually in separate box to prevent crushing)


  Nycon Underwater Plant Stands:

 Shown here, out-of-water, meant to be used in the pond.

 Elevates plants from the floor of the pond.
 Made of Aluminum; Rust Free
 Two sizes available
 Each size diameter adjusts plus or minus 2" in diameter.
 Using a standard 7" pot, bottom of stand to top of pot adjusts to a height of 18", 20", or 22".

 PS12 Nycon Underwater Plant Stand: 12" diameter, black (currently unavailable)   57.50 Please Call
(707) 853 0118
 PS16 Nycon Underwater Plant Stand: 16" diameter, black   63.50
 PSSS Upgrade hardware to stainless steel:
             Includes acorn nut fastners for extra fish protection


Plant Containers

Water Lily Container: 12" diameter x 5" deep, black 9.95
Water Lily Container: 16" diameter x 6" deep 13.95
Lotus Container: 20" diameter x 6" deep, black 20.00
Large Round Container: 43" diameter x 18" deep, black, 100 gal. 169.00
Octagonal Tub: 35" x 35" x 12" deep, black, 30 gal. 83.00
Oval Container
Oval Plant Container, 21" x 11" x 7"
Oval Utility Container, 38" x 26" x 13", 50 gal.
Plant Display Container, Rectangular, 42" x 48" x 9"; 105 gal.
Plant Display Container w/ Spillway, Rectangular, 42" x 48" x 9"; 105 gal.
Containers marked ship by motorfreight, special carrier or OnTrac

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