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Pond Balance String Algae Control


Notice the string algae in the foreground choking the lilys

  If you have large amounts of string algae in your pond, such as shown above, it is best to remove it by hand prior to treating your pond.

Our Experience and Observations

After using this product for 6 years, we have found "Pond Balance" to be quickest in eliminating string algae (called "blanket weed" in the U.K.) in ponds as well as eliminating planktonic algae (split pea soup green water) in some ponds without the use of an ultraviolet filter. However we continue to find UV filters less expensive and less time consuming overall in the long term elimination of planktonic algae. Ultraviolet filters also act as a prophylactic for free swimming pathogens.

Observations through our own use & feedback from our customers:

  The continued use of ultraviolet filtration does not seem to negatively affect the performance of "Pond Balance".

  You may not see any signs of improvement until the end of the third treatment. (However, some of our customers have reported visible difference after only one treatment!)

A single dose will usually not achieve desired results:
Use once a week for 4 weeks, then once or twice per month thereafter, i.e., S726 is a 6-week supply for a 1500 gallon pond.

  Desirable algae covering the bottom and sides of the pond appears only slightly affected by "Pond Balance" by the end of the fourth treatment, then recovers quickly.

  "Pond Balance" appears to eliminate string algae in waterfalls where a constant flow of water occurs.

  "Pond Balance" appears to produce the desired "gin colored" water strived for in koi ponds and watergardens.

  "Pond Balance" aids in Lily plant health by eliminating string algae growth on stems and pads.

  We recommend the use of "Pond Balance" initially to reduce the string algae. Some customers find "Barley Extract" to be useful in maintaining the algae balance after using "Pond Balance".

  Never attempt to remove the dark green short fuzzy type algae that grows on the sides and bottom of your pond. This is beneficial algae.

TIP Each box or tub of Pond Balance comes with a blue measuring scoop. Typically, on the largest size of Pond Balance (S727), that scoop will be buried in the product, making it difficult to find. The dosage is 2/3 of a Tablespoon per 75 to 90 gallons of pond water. If you have a bad case of string algae, dose it at 2/3 Tablespoon of Pond Balance for 75 gallons of pond water. If you have a moderate to light string algae problem, base your dosage on 2/3 Tablespoon of Pond Balance to 90 gallons of pond water.

Additionally...Beneficial Algae

This picture (on the left) shows an example of a pond which once had 6" long string algae. The surface dwelling algae on the fiberglass liner in the upper right hand corner of the picture is the desired growth level.

Your pond liner should have a dark forest green fuzzy velvet appearance. This is the sign of a balanced pond.

Do not remove surface dwelling algae from your pond. Surface dwelling algae (the right species) is beneficial to your pond and over time actually becomes a part of the "filtering" system of your pond. The beneficial algae function as a high surface area for beneficial aerobic nitrifying bacteria to cultivate. These algae also utilize nitrogen waste as a nutrient source. The older your pond becomes, the more mature this process becomes.


Pond Balance Treats:
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