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Pondmaster Mag Drive Pumps

Pump Principles Tutorial...
A koi pond should not be plumbed like a swimming pool. A swimming pool uses a low volume, high pressure water system: Small pipes. Big pumps. Your pond should be low pressure, high volume. In addition, the right pump, properly plumbed, can save 50 percent or more per month in electricity over the wrong one. Plan now and save the difference.
  Designed for pond usage conditions
  Energy efficient - uses half the electricity of conventional pumps
  Easy maintenance - only one moving part
  Completely submersible or inline
  Fish safe - not oil filled - can't leak
  Epoxy encapsulated, ceramic magnet drive pump.
  No seals to wear out.
  18 foot power cord included
  110 v.a.c. with ground 
  Pond-Mag pumps have either an in-line or submerged ceramic shaft
  This model completes a compliment of flow rates down to 80 GPH
  UL listed, 3 year warrantee 


PD350 Pondmaster: 24 watts 3/4" hose barb 1/2" male NPT 98.00 [Buy]
PD500 Pondmaster: 45 watts 3/4" hose barb 1/2" male NPT 109.00 [Buy]
PD700 Pondmaster: 60 watts 3/4" hose barb 1/2" male NPT  119.00  [Buy]
PD950 Pondmaster: 93 watts 3/4" female NPT  3/4" male NPT 139.00  [Buy]
PD1200 Pondmaster : 110 watts 3/4" female NPT 3/4" male NPT 209.00   [Buy]
PD1800 Pondmaster: 140 watts 3/4" female NPT 3/4" male NPT 219.00  [Buy]
PD2400 Pondmaster: 265 watts

1" female NPT
1" male NPT 279.00  [Buy]
PD3600 Pondmaster: 360 watts Discontinued, see: HyDrive pump PDH2675
PD5000 Pondmaster: Discontinued, see: HyDrive pump PDH2670
PDI1200 Replacement Impellers: for PD1200  36.00    [Buy]
PDI1800 Replacement Impellers for PD 1800     59.00   [Buy]
PDI2400 Replacement Impellers: for PD2400   76.50 [Buy]
• All other impeller sizes available on request    
PDV1218 Replacement Volute Housing for PD 1200 - 1800 16.00  [Buy]
• All other volute housing sizes available on request    

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