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Vortex Filter System

 Installation by Aqua Art Customer

 Upper arrow - bottom drain trench exit wall formed up to reestablish wall of pond (recompacted soil)
 Lower arrow - note slope of floor
 Benthic jet plumbing - vertical notch in compacted soil wall houses benthic jet plumbing ouside of the flexible or rigid liner.


 Entrance plumbing to settling chamber - 4" line from drain in pond feeds settling chamber by gravity. Typically, a length of pipe should be positioned between each fitting.

 Flexpipe should be used here also to allow for slight movement of tank when soil has become compacted. (Not used on this installation)

 Arrow points to filter drain knife valve- extension. Extension on valve allows access to valve.

 Illustration to left of photograph shows completed assembly:
 valve, extension adapter, extension rod (1/4" - 20 TPI),
relocated valve handle, 1/2" extension sleeve (1/2" PVC pipe),
valve access chase (5" or 6" PVC or perforated ADS drain pipe)


Top view of sump - A sump is used to collect waste backflush water from the individual vortex cones in installations where gravity drainage from the bottom drain of each vortex unit is not possible.

 12" diameter ADS flexpipe is set in the ground into a puddle of fresh readi-mix to form a floor.
 Note pipe from vortex cone units entering the bottom of the 12" sump sleeve.
 Sump pump then pumps water from this reservoir to your garden.
 Note proper electrical service installation.


 Upper arrow - drain from waterfall feeds into common drainage system, then to sump.

 Lower - an Aqua Ultraviolet UV filter.

 Note sloping floor and swaled from side to side.
 The perfect pond profile 


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