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Pump Rebuild Program

One of the many reasons we sell and have sold for more than a decade, these lines of pumps (see list below) is that they can be rebuilt.

Typically, when these pumps need attention, it's a need for bearings and/or seals.

Unlike most other pump manufacturers, these pump companies have, in place, a rebuild program. The costs are typically 1/4 or less of the cost of replacement. We can give you a general estimate over the phone.

Call Aqua Art at (707) 853 0118 and provide us with the pump serial number. We can then obtain a return authorization number from the factory. We then provide you with instructions, address, and a return form to include with the pump.

You pay for the shipping costs to and from the factory as well as the cost of repair. Once the factory receives your pump, it will be "bench tested". We will be notified of the repairs needed and costs. We will then contact you before going ahead with the repair.

Pumps that can be rebuilt:

All Performance Pro Pumps

All Sequence Pumps