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Rock to Rubber Adhesive Units


"Rock to Rubber" provides a mechanical bond between rockwork and your liner.
It serves a task similar to steel rebar - mortar alone will not adhere to EPDM (or any other liner material such as fiberglass, PVC, etc.).
Unsafe cunditions are avioded using "Rock to Rubber".
Eventual cracks in the border edge rockwork can be eliminated.
"Rock to Rubber" makes pond edges safe again for feeding fish.

See pricing below photos:







Each "Rock to Rubber" unit is 6" wide by 12" long

Pricing shown is "per unit"
 RTR111  Rock to Rubber Units 1-11 20.00 each   [Buy]
 RTR12224 Rock to Rubber Units 12 - 24 18.00 each   [Buy]


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