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 Savio Livingponds Waterfall & Versatile Filters

Efficient Low Maintenance Design

Exploded Illustration Below
5 year manufacturer's limited warrantee
Durable precision injection-molded, non collapsing housing
Top feed eliminates check valves
Increases pump efficiency and prevents backflow
Substantially less expensive than other waterfall filters
Easy clean settling cone and bottom drain with valve
Easier to install
Bottom of baffle has unique vortex design
Loaded width high efficiency Springflo filter media & mat
Resists clogging and stops constant cleaning
Versatile filters are inter-connectable for larger applications
Waterfall filters can be operated side by side for large applications
22" diameter by 30" high
Waterfall filter has 22" weir

Versatile Configurations for Piped and Waterfall FIlters:

 Filter Plumbing Water volume Filter Media
Piped Filter  1 1/2" drain  30 gallons  3 cu. ft.  Up to 10 feet from pond
   2" inlet      
   2" discharge      

Waterfall Filter   1 1/2" drain  30 gallons  3 cu. ft. Top of pond, above waterfall
   2" inlet      
   22" weir      


Waterfall Filter with 22" weir

Versatile Piped Filter
(Cutaway to show Interior)

 SF100  Livingponds Waterfall Pond Filter 505.00  [Buy] 
 SF200  Livingponds Versatile Pipe Pond Filter



 Livingponds Versatile Pipe Pond Filter
 with Matala Media Upgrade



 Livingponds Waterfall Pond Filter
 with Matala Media Upgrade
859.00  [Buy]

Upgrade Kits

Each kit contains:

2 discs black Matala media
2 discs green Matala media
2 discs blue Matala media
4 discs gray Matala media


Matala Upgrade Kits for Livingponds Waterfall and Versatile Filters




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