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Chlorine Spa Kit

For use with Fountains, Spas and Hot Tubs
Not for Fish Ponds    Lg. Fountains Only

Starter pack contents

SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier - Clears, removes oils and metals and keeps all filters running cleaner longer.

SeaKlear Spa Sanitizing Granules

Shock - Clears water and reduces odors from spas and hot tubs

Water Balance and treatment:

SeaKlear SpaMetal Control -
protect surfaces from metal stains
SeaKlear Spa pH increaser -
to raise pH
SeaKlear Spa pH Reducer
- to lower pH
SeaKlear Spa Self Floccing Defoammer - knock down foam and remove the contaminates that cause it.
SeaKlear Spa Stain and Scale Control - Use to prevent scale build up on surfaces and equipment
Test strips - to check water quality

CSK001 Chlorine Spa Starter Kit 65.00 [Buy]

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