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Economy External Pressurized Filter/Pre-Filter

 We've used this filter for 15 years and recently found a new way of using it. - as a prefilter. Matala media has allowed this new way of utilizing this filter:

A set of 10 discs utilizing "step-wise" all four grades of Matala media (3 black, 2 green, 2 blue, 3 white) surround a finned standpipe. This creates mechanical and biological filtration as well as solids separation, since this is an upflow filter.

Customizing the grades of Matala discs for your specific needs is optional. For example when using this pressurized filter as a prefilter to an Ultima II biological filter


Generous 2" drain ports also allow this pressurized filter to operate under low head. This makes it ideal for use withlow head pumps such as Pondmaster and Sequence 750 series
Gravity drainage is required.
Maximum flow rate is 3,000 GPH.
Use on ponds up to 1000 gallons
0-15 p.s.i. Pressure gauge included
2" knife drain valve included
31" high, 12" diameter,
Filter media cubic volume 2/3 cubic ft.
Top of unit must be at or below surface water level of the pond - when used as a prefilter
Ships UPS

"Pressure filter minimum maintenance upgrades such as gauges and sight tubes."       see more information....

 SHL120 Economy External Pressurized Pre-Filter without media

Call 707 853 0118

 SHL120M Advanced External Pressurized Pre-Filter with media

Call 707 853 0118

Custom Sequenced Media Grades Available

Pressurized Pre Filter


For Information, Please Call Aqua Art

707 853 0118

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