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While Supplies Last - Limited Quantities
$55.00 minimum order

Any one or more items from specials pages can be combined with any items from our web site to reach the $55.00 minimum order

To order, please call (707) 853-0118
9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Pacific time


100% Natural Formulation For Pond Clarity & Koi Health, Growth & Color

Provides fish nutrition through mineral ingestion
Improves fish color
Detoxifies and clarifies pond water (polishing)

MLKKB2 Microbelift Clay 2 lbs. treats 200 Gal. pond for 2 years
MLKKB4 Microbelift Clay 4 lbs. treats 500 Gal. Pond for 16 months 
MLKKB6 Microbelift Clay 6 lbs. treats 1,000 Gal. Pond for 1 year 
You may use more clay to meet your goals. Cannot be overdosed.

Stainless Steel
Separation Tank $100.00


LivingPonds Filter (not waterfall)
$399.00 Free shipping
Very limited supply



Sludge Remover

Sludge Remover
15% off + free shipping




Sweeney Bird Feeder used, with new battery   75.00

Sweeney Koi Cafe used, with new battery and solar charger 150.00

Sweeney Koi Cafe Feeder Hanger
new, old stock   25.00

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