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TerraMin Natural Minerals for Human Health

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Nutramin for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses

Two important reasons your body needs this mega-mineral complex:

Remineralization Internal detoxification

No matter what you do, you may not be getting the essential nutrition your body needs. In fact, most people are deficient in many trace minerals because our soils and foods are deficient.

The most common degenerative diseases today are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, and many others can be linked to mineral and trace mineral deficiencies. Even with a healthy diet, without trace minerals the body is defenseless. Studies show that mineral micronutrients are a necessity to every single cell and its corresponding enzyme systems.

TerraMin Calcium Clay for Human Health

Not only are most people mineral deficient, but we are bombarded with man-made toxins from chemicals, pesticides, and food additives. Minerals are needed to help the body detoxify, but commercially available colloidal minerals and oral supplements cannot directly remove toxins from your body. TerraMin can. Containing nature's most powerful, internal organic cleansing clay, TerraMin sweeps away pathogens, heavy metals, and mycotoxins from your colon.

Remineralizes your body as it detoxifies.
No supplement is more natural.
Exclusive trademarked mineral complex with sustained release.
Natural, organic toxin removal

ION-MIN contains 57 micro, macro, and trace minerals that are needed to support metabolic functions. These positively charged colloids are sandwiched inside tiny negatively charged platelets, so they are plentiful and bio-available in a buffered form. They are freely available as your body needs them.

Silica is an amazing and vital mineral that many people simply don’t get enough of. Silica strengthens your hair, teeth, bones and all your connective tissue. Without enough silica, your skin ages prematurely.

While these extremely fine particles are in your body, they simultaneously act to detoxify and absorb heavy metals. As a powerful antibacterial agent, this compound will help keep your body clean and strong.

Extensive research with TerraMin, conducted by the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center and a number of other leading science and research institutions, has produced an extensive list of benefits of this clay.


Energizes with ionic activity
Defends against internal toxins
Naturally detoxifies and cleanses your colon
Full-spectrum source of trace minerals
Increases bio-availability / assimilation of calcium
High pH compound helps to moderate acids in the body
Helps manage mineral assimilation with silica buffer

TRM250 Terramin Tablets; 1000 mg; 250 ct. 43.50 [Buy]
TRM500 Terramin Tablets; 1000 mg; 500 ct. 78.00 [Buy]
TRM150 Terramin Caplets; 1500 mg; 150 ct. 43.50 [Buy]
TRM300 Terramin Caplets; 1500 mg; 300 ct. 78.00 [Buy]
TRM1 Terramin Powder; 1 lb. jar 28.00 [Buy]
TRM2 Terramin Powder; 2 lb. bag 49.00 [Buy]
TRM4 Terramin Powder; 4 lb.bag 79.00 [Buy]
TRM8 Terramin Powder; 8 lb.bag 125.00 [Buy]

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