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Tetra PRF 1500, 2500, 4000 Pressurized Filter

TetraPond® Pressure Filters force water through sponges and then through bio-rings to help maintain clear and healthy pond water. Its biological filtration converts harmful ammonia into relatively harmless nitrates. It is designed with an easy, one-step back-flush valve for cleaning sponges and bio-media. You can also bury to conceal and don't have to worry about a leak due to its robust latches and O-ring seal.

Each pressure filter is sold as either a stand-alone unit or with an integrated UV clarifier to provide permanent control of suspended algae and reduce green water. If you later decide you want to add a UV clarifier to your pressure filter TetraPond® also provides UV upgrade kits.

Greater ultraviolet light efficiency can be achieved by using a separate higher quality ultraviolet light unit. The standard application integral Tetra ultraviolet light unit uses a Philips bulb. We recommend Aqua Altraviolet brand units for this separate, higher quality application.

This Tetra pressure filter is available with a integral UV filter. We do not offer it here, finding it less of a value than a separate unit with a higher quality bulb and overall better design. That separate type unit would be an Aqua Ultraviolet UV unit. Over time the bulb cost difference will pay for the up front inital cost difference. This is to say nothing of the actual large clarity difference the Aqua Ultraviolet UV unit will provide.

Bio-Active Pressure Filters



Max Pond Size

 Aqua Art

Max Pond Size

 26563 1500 gal.  750 gal.   18.75"  279.00   [Buy]
 26564 2500 gal.  1250 gal.    22" 319.00   [Buy]
 26565 4000 gal.  1500 gal.    25" 395.00   [Buy]

 Pre Fall 2009, first generation filter

Original factory Media / Matala Upgrade (Pricing below)

 on Pre Fall 2009, first generation filter
 16786 Tetra Pressurized filter replacement foam;  2/pkg

reg. 16.50



Matala media upgrade

Reticulated foam filter media (30 p.p.i.) as used on the first generation (pre fall 2009) Tetra pressure filter, Cyprio, Cal pump, and other small entry level pressure filters can have the following characteristics. Reticulated foam has a tendency to compress and mat as it gets loaded up with organic debris. Matting can occur to a degree which can cause the blocking of water flow. Reticulated foam media is best cleaned with physical manipulation with bare hands.

Matala media offers a more flow through media design and allows for increased duration of time between backflushings. The Matala media upgrade also simply offers a greater "wall" or thickness (mass) of media for the unfiltered water to pass through making it a preffered media choice by us.

We would suggest using this filter, as with any entry level filter, on mixed ponds and watergardens stocked wth a variety of goldfish and a few koi. For pressurized filters intended for koi populations, we would recommend the Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II series filter.

Matala Media Only
for Upgrade
Tetra recommended pond size For pondkeepers who already have a Tetra pressure filter  
 26549MO 1500 gal.  60.00  [Buy]
 26550MO 2500 gal 75.00  [Buy]
 26551MO 4000 gal 95.00  [Buy]
Should the maximum flow rate for these filters be used, a double split discharge line may need to be plumbed depending on the pond size. This need relates to the maximum flow rate of the uv unit. See double split plumbing schematic.

Bio-Active Pressure Filters

 The easy solution for clear and healthy ponds -

1. Water is pumped from the pond.
2. Water under pressure is forced into the bio-activators which trap dirt and debris.
3. Beneficial bacteria convert ammonia, which is harmful to fish, into nitrates, which are consumed by aquatic plants. This is known as the Nitrogen Cycle.
4. Filtered water is forced up the center tube.
5. Filtered water is returned to the pond

The remarkable Bio-Active Pressure Filter provides mechanical, biological and UV clarification - all in one rugged, efficient unit. Specifically designed for maximum ease of use and convenience. Features unique open-profile bio-activators for improved cleaning.

Back flush valve reverses flow to flush out accumulated debris and sludge quickly and easily. Oversized latches allows for easy opening. These filters may be buried for concealment. Robust construction - built to last.


The Tetra Bio-Active Advantage

Unique open-profile bio-media design gets water to the entire internal surface area. While foam and other closed bio-media designs clog up with dead bio-film, the Tetra Bio-Active Pressure Filter exfoliates old bio-film and leaves a young, thin, highly active bio-film layer for nitrification. 

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See: "Pressure filter minimum maintenance upgrades such as gauges and sight tubes.


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