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 "Wet Look" Laquer

Package Insert Information

Crystal Clear Protection & Beauty
For Concrete & Masonry

"Wet Look" Lacquer was developed by a coatings chemist under the direction of a group of concrete and masonry contractors. It was created from years of outdoor evaluation and reformation. Comparative testing has shown that Wet Look Lacquer substantially out performs other concrete and masonry sealers. In addition to it's high solids acrylic base, "Wet Look" has added a hardening agent, a film protecting mildicide and a new UV inhibitor to protect against sunlight. This combination of ingredients and innovative chemistry has combined to create the ultimate in deep penetration, beauty and protection for all concrete and masonry surfaces.


Where To Use 'Wet Look Lacquer"

Wet Look Lacquer was created primarily for use on exposed aggregate concrete. No other product creates the clean fresh "wet look" appearance like White Mountain. Additional gloss and protection are available with added applications.

 Protect garage floors and parking areas against grease, oil and radiator rust stains.
 Protect concrete & masonry against spalling and cracking.
 Reduce damage and appearance problems from efflorescence and alkali degradation.
 Use to enhance color of stone and exposed aggregate concrete & stamped concrete.
 Helps eliminate dusting and freeze-thaw problems.
 Will harden old deteriorating mortar and plaster.



 Surface must be completely clean and dry. Remove all dirt, wax, old paints or sealers, grease and efflorescence. Allow at least 24 hours of fair weather drying time prior to sealer application. Allow 28 days curing time of new concrete or mortar.

 If muriatic acid has been used as a cleaning agent the surface must be neutralized with an alkaline pH product such as White Mountain "Jobsite" cleaner.

 Always test a small area to assure satisfactory appearance and color.



"Wet Look" Lacquer can be applied with a brush, roller, or most types of spray equipment. "Wet Look" requires no mixing, stirring or thinning. One coat will protect and create a "Wet Look" appearance. Additional coats will give added protection and more gloss. Allow the lacquer to dry between applications.

 Apply when temperature is between 45° to 80° F.
 During hot weather do not apply lacquer in direct sunlight.
 Coverage will vary from 100 to 400 sq. ft. per gallon .
 "Wet Look" is not recommended for dense surfaces or pre-sealed surfaces such as quarry tile or marble.
 Clean up with lacquer thinner.



 Product Type: Solvent based acrylic Co-polymer
 Coating Breathability: Good
 Hardness 12- 13
 Specific Gravity: 1.01
 UV Resistance: Good
 Dry time: 5 to 10 minutes
 Cure Time: 4 to 7 days
 Cleanup: Lacquer Thinner



 Flash Point: WARNING: Flammable

 Freezable: No

 Shelf Life: 2 years

 Packaging: Gallon, 5 gallon, quart

 HB410 Wet Look Laquer


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