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Bamboo Fountains and Garden Accents

Natural Spring Bamboo Fountain

Shishi Odoshi

Bulk Bamboo

Bamboo Fountains

Bamboo Water Spout:
Support bamboo bracing 1/2" diameter by 24" long.
Vertical spout piece: 1 1/2" diameter with a 4" spout.
Vinyl spout feed tubing: 1/2" I.D.
Copper ties.
Black brace thin rope.
BBS1 Bamboo Water Spout
Traditionally, 3 small stones would be used at the base of the spout to support the vertical portion of the bamboo spout. See example at bottom of page. There are a myriad of other methods of anchoring these spouts.

Water features such as these, which can include a false bottom basin grate system can also be supported as shown in the picture at left.


Three Arm Spout & Pump Kit; 18 inch. Simple to use. Spout sits near water surface, so it works well even in shalow containers. Ideal for indoor or tabletop fountains. Spout's wide diameter creates a rich full sound without splashing. Pump included.

Three Arm Spout & Pump Kit

59.95 [Buy]


Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit. Attractive Look and practical design. Adjustable base allows spout to be raised or lowered to the perfect fit. Pump included. Use with 15" to 30" diameter bowl.
Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit 59.95 [Buy]


Traditional 36" Spout and Pump Kit. Dramatic water feature that instantly becomes the focal point of the water garden. The Spout is designed to be buried in the ground - and spill into pond. Includes 200 GPH pump.

Traditional 36" Spout and Pump Kit

2 1/2" vertical diameter x approximately 36" high; 1-1 1/4" approximate diameter of spout. Pump included.
89.95 [Buy]

Bamboo Shishi Ososhi (Water Hammer)

Water is a vital component in the Japanese Garden. The Shishi Odoshi or literally "Deer Scare" was originally used to startle the deer that fed upon the rice shoots in the rice paddies. The Water Hammer is now a common element in many Japanese gardens.

Upon entering, one takes a drink from the basin, symbolizing internal purification; washes the hands, symbolizing external purification. The sound of the clack of bamboo penetrates the garden and fades. We are reminded that time is moving on.

In time - depending upon the climatic or environmental conditions to which it is exposed - bamboo will naturally crack. There can be no guarantee against such cracking. Our bamboo pieces are made from Arundinaria amablis and Phallostachys pubescens (Moso) - the most select of the quality bamboos.

We recommend periodic sanding and recoating of the bamboo finish for longer lasting function of this product. Climate conditions will vary the finish durability. Four season climates have the greatest wear factor. For distinct 4 season climates we recommend removal from the pond during winter months.

Our new Shishi Odoshis are shorter and have a protective coating, a very sturdy plastic base with solid vertical supports, and include a pump.

LS999M: Shishi Odoshi: 20" height; includes pump


LS999S: Shishi Odoshi: 12" height; includes pump


 36" Natural Spring Bamboo Fountain


Fountain comes in 2 pieces. 36" long spout and the cross support

The bamboo supports are adjustable to attain the ideal height

 NSBF36 Natural Spring Bamboo Fountain: Pump included 89.00

Bulk Bamboo - Make your own spout or water features

 BBB34 Bulk Bamboo: 3 - 4" Diameter; per 1/2 foot up to 42"
1.75 / 1/2 ft.

The photos below illustrate how a shishi odoshi operates.

 1. Water from the faucet fills the hammer  2. Full hammer begins to tip
(note stones at base)
 3. Hammer spills water and makes an audible clack as it returns to filling position.

Currently Unavailable

LS9921M: Shishi Odoshi, also known as
"Water Hammer" or "Deer Scare":

36" height. Base and faucet styles may vary

 95.00  [Buy]
LS9921P: Submersible pump for bamboo features  35.00 


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