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 Filtration Media

Savio Springflo


Savio Springflo Filtration Media

 Just as there are new and easy care filtration systems, there are new and easy care filter media. Springflo filter media is made from a composite of polypropylene and calcium carbonate.

 Springflo is shaped into a thin ribbon embossed with millions of dimples, providing a terrific amount of surface area for the proliferation of our nitrifying bacteria.

 Buildup of debris is easily dislodged by lifting the lightweight media out of, or swishing it in the chamber and flushing the waste. Bacteria will remain attached.

 Non clogging and lightness make Springflo very easy to use. Twenty sq. yds. (180 sq.ft.) of Springflo weighs only about 4 pounds. One box of Springflo fills from 1.5 to 3.0 cubic feet of space in a biofilter and is capable of nitrifying about one-half pound of dry fish food (35% protein) per day. This equals a pond with 25 pounds of fish (feeding the recommended 2% of body weight per day).

 SPRINGFLO AND FILTER PHOTO Springflo comes packed in a 6" cube and uncoils into a long ribbon media mass like a slinky. One or more of the Springflo coils are then placed in a random fashion into your filter.
 FM192  Springflo Filter Media : 6" cube; 180 sq. ft. of surface area 66.60 [Buy] 


Close-up of Springflow


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