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From Our Customers

These letters prove it -
Good advice and Service

A little advice saves a lot of money: Ben from San Ramon, CA

Thanks very much for your telephone message on Saturday giving me advice and options on my Sequence pump. Flushing it out made a noticeable difference I was naive enough to think that the filter basket was catching everything that could possibly hang up in the impeller, but know better now.

In the process, I also learned that the bottom drain line from the pond (to the suction side of the pump) was also obstructed, and cleaning that out made a HUGE difference. I now know better than to throttle the bottom drain suction line with its knife valve.

Your advice worked so well that I don't need to buy another pump or change impellers, but would like to offer to pay you a $50.00 consulting fee so if agreeable please put that on my bill instead!


No charge this time! ; - ) You're one of our most loyal customers!

An offer we couldn't refuse: Kay from Stockton CA

After a lot of digging and hard work I got the system working and it works great. It was well worth all the hard work. My pond is about 600 gallons.

For the first time in 20 years I feel my pond filtering system is under control. Thanks for providing an excellent product. Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone interested in your filtering systems.


One of our newest customers: David from Manchester TN

Thank you for the tremendous help available from your web page. It is one of the most comprehensive and thorough that I've seen.

I learned a lot from it. I also was very impressed with your patience and helpfulness on the telephone. You attempt to help, not just sell!

Along with the guides and information, the catalog sections are extremely helpful and easy to identify products and what they look like.

A new customer, for sure.
David, Manchester TN

Thank you for your order, David. A low maintenance tip: I suggest that you include a strainer basket before your pump. It's much easier to dump a strainer basket than to take apart and clean a pump!!

Thanks for your suggestion. Now I'm not a NEW customer, anymore but a (happy) REPEAT customer!

Hope this strainer basket works like I believe it will. I'll be glad not to have the pump pre-filter maintenance (submersed pump) to do again!

David, Manchester TN

 One of our very favorite customers: Mike from Vacaville CA

Laureen and Bruce,

First let me pass on that the pond is still doing great. I attribute this to the fact that I recognized good advice when I heard it and followed your recommendations. Thanks Bruce.

I still frequently read usenet/rec.ponds and stay in touch with the IPS group. I always recommend to other newbies that they check your web pages and try to use your philosophy in the construction of their ponds.

I was just checking to see what might have changed. In the kit section the link to skimmer goes to UV lights and not skimmers. Just thought I would pass that on as no pond should be without a skimmer.

Take care, Mike, Vacaville CA

Thank you to catefree@napanet.net for this great letter :-)

Dear Bruce,

Just a note to thank you again for all of your help and advice on our pond. I tested our algae-filled pond with our new kit, and remarkably, all of the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate were none or very low! Our little koi Showa died anyway yesterday, but we don't know why. He hadn't been eating for a few days. I'm scooping out as much algae as I can, and we used crystal lagoon and some new bacteria (clear pond high potency dry) when we set up the new pump Saturday.

We are looking forward to hooking up the UV filter when it arrives. The Rio pump and larger hoses have made a big difference; down the road I'd like another Rio for the venturi action, but I couldn't figure how to hook it up while using it as the main pump.

Continued success with Aqua Art. I know we'll be ordering from you often. The FAQ web page is a great idea.

I especially like your willingness to help us find an economical solution to the algae proliferation with our current budget. As soon as I graduate from Davis and find a job, hope I'll become one of your best customers.

Thank you to Rita from Danville CA for this note :-)

We finally installed the pump we purchased from you and I have to say we are very pleased with it. Especially after dealing with a submerged sump pump! It moves more than enough volume for my pond and is soooo quiet.

Thanks for all your help....
Rita Holmes

And my personal favorite - from Bruce in Birchwood MN

Please send me your complete catalog. I learned of your website by using Alta Vista and the Koi Web Site. The breadth and depth of information in your website puts your competition to shame - that's why I'm requesting your catalog.

The person responsible for maintaining your website deserves a raise.

Thank you Bruce. It's always nice to get a raise ;-)


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