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Ultraviolet Filter - How to Install:

Ultraviolet filter unit installed in gravity return line
of non pressurized biological filter

Ultraviolet filter installed in the gravity return line of an open bed,
non pressurized, gravity return feed type biological filter.

Electrical and uv bulb access is located on right of ultraviolet filter unit.


The ultraviolet unit ports are oriented downward to prevent fine sediment from collection in the chamber of the unit.

The ultraviolet unit is located lower than the exit port of the biological filter. This provides a flooded or near-flooded chamber in the unit.

It doesn't make any difference which end of the ultraviolet unit the water enters or exits.

The ultraviolet unit can be placed a further distance from the biological filter as long as it is mounted as show above & is lower than the output port of the biological filter.
Mounting the ultraviolet filter on the return side of any biological filter creates a minimum maintenance setup & reduces the collection of bacterial or organic mulm in the ultraviolet filter.

    We recommend glueing short lengths (5" to 6" long, minimum) into each port of the UV unit before glueing any fittings, unions, or reducer bushings. This allows for the option of relocating the unit at a later date, if needed. We do not recommend ever glueing a reducer bushing directly into the entrance or exit ports of the UV unit.