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Pond Profile for Liner Ponds

"Rock to Rubber" Adhesive Units for bonding rock to rubber liner

 Patch Material



1 ft' x 6" wide Patch Material

5.00 / ft.  [Buy]

Liner Seaming Tape for EPDM liners
Liner Seaming Tape for EPDM liners

3" Double Sided Liner Tape
6" Single Sided Liner Tape
 FL501 3" liner tape 
38.00 /
25 ft.
[Buy]  FL503MR  6" x 25 ft. liner tape   119.00 [Buy]
 FL502R  100 ft. roll  119.00 [Buy]  FL503R  100 ft. roll.   480.00 [Buy]

Liner Seaming Tape Instructions

Align and overlap edges of Tetra Liner about three inches. Make sure there are no wrinkles along the overlapped edges.

Fold back the top sheet. Surfaces must be free of dirt, dust, oil and water, and any other contaminants that would prevent a watertight seal.

Clean liner surfaces by wiping with vinegar. Rinse and dry. Avoid soap, oil, or other products that could leave a film. Check to make certain the cleaned area is wider than the seaming area and has dried before applying liner tape.

Unroll and carefully position the liner tape along the length of the seam. Roll the tape down with a firm, even pressure to make a tight, waterproof bond.

Check for sheet alignment. One-half inch of the tape backing should be visible outside the seam. One quarter inch of tape should protrude along the edge.

Fold the top liner over and remove the tape backing at a 45° angle parallel to the ground.

Press down entire length of seam. You should now have a watertight seam.

 To ensure water tight integrity, cover the seam with single sided liner tape.

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