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 Vortex Microstrainer

250 or 500 micron Solids Separator


Self-cleaning filter for use in round sump tanks / settling chambers
Uses no additional pumps and no electricity in the water
U.S. Patent Pending

Garden pond and koi pond owners no longer have to wait for the answer to their frequent filter cleaning. After a vortex microstrainer (VMS) has been installed, simply open a single waste dump valve once a week. It is super simple and it's virtually maintenance-free.

How does it work?

1. Water flows by gravity into a vortex-style sump (or it can be pumped in and drained out by gravity-flow), where it is directed at the VMS, which causes it to rotate.
2. The VMS floats, so it is self-adjusting with the water level.
3. Pump or gravity-flow filtered water from the bottom center of the VMS.
4. The pump will direct a small amount of water (only about one gpm) back to the spray bar of the VMS.
5. Heavy material drops to the bottom of the sump and suspended material sticks to the strainer mesh (250 or 500 micron) until it is sprayed off. All of the fish waste, either from the bottom or from the pond's skimmers, is handled by a single, simple, low maintenance device.

What you need: A round, sump tank, at least 28" I.D. and 28" deep; a sump inlet pipe that directs water around the sump, causing it to rotate; a sump outlet pipe that can be located vertically in the center of the sump, at least 16" below the normal water level; a pumping rate or gravity flow rate between 20-150 gpm; a 3/4" PVC water return line to carry water from the pump to the spray bar. The sump also needs a drain valve, so the captured waste can be easily dumped. Plus, a shut-off valve should probably be installed on the inlet pipe to completely empty the sump.

VMS250 Microstrainer, 250 microns  795.00  [Buy]
VMS500 Microstrainer, 500 microns  795.00  [Buy]