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TerraPond Natural Clay for Fish Ponds

Nutramin Natural Clay
For Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, & other Animals

TerraMin Calcium Clay for Human Health

Our own experience with TerraPond natural clay has been very positive in several ways:

  1. A greater change in color enhancement than any food additive
  2. A general improvement in water clarity
  3. Used over a period of time it has a positive effect on string algae control - more significant than either barley straw or barley extract!
  4. We have even found it to be very useful in healing broken slime coat as a result of spawns and secondary infections - even to the point of not having to use meds!

TerraPond Clay is an all-natural product that is recognized by most Japanese Koi breeders as the foremost product to introduce minerals and nutrients to your precious Koi.

Koi will absorb the minerals and nutrients through their skin and through their gills. This results in your fish achieving their true potential and conformation.

TerraPond Clay improves your Koi's immune system through nutrition and detoxification. It helps by eliminating waste products, bacteria and decomposed organic matter in the water.

TerraPond Clay performs wonders by purifying, clarifying and treating your water.

Dose 2 heaping tablespoons per 1000 gallons weekly. Dosing amount may vary depending on amount of organic matter present in the water. Overdosing with TerraPond Clay will not harm fish or water. Mix powder in a small container with pond water or sprinkle directly into water.

Additional Information on How It Works

TPM2  2 lb. powdered TerraPond Clay



TPM4  4 lb. powdered TerraPond Clay 55.95 [Buy]
TPM8  8 lb. powdered TerraPond Clay



How TerraPond Clay Works

TerraPond works through a natural magnetic process. All toxins and decomposed organic materials in nature are positively charged. The magnetic attraction immediately begins when negatively charged TerraPond is introduced into your pond water and begins the micro-encapsulation process. This electrical ion exchange process is also referred to as flocculation.

As a result, the electrically bonded particles are larger in size and weight. In Koi ponds, this increased mass then becomes filterable in most bio filter systems.

According to Japanese Koi breeders, natural clay-lined ponds provide the very best Koi environment. Clay provides better health, conformation, vitality, coloration, stronger immune systems, improved digestion and longer life. As a Koi hobbyist, when your clay choice is TerraPond, your fish will enjoy the best environment you can provide.

When TerraPond is first introduced into your Koi pond, you can look forward to some interesting and enjoyable results. When the clay enters the water, it begins to slowly "melt." Some clouding then occurs. The clouding and bubbles will provoke your fishes' interest and curiosity.

The boldest fish may approach the cloud and begin to swim through the cloud. It may also nibble at the cloud as it melts. Your fish are ingesting nutrients through this activity. Little by little, other fish will want to join in on this new game.

Once the fish have had this experience, they learn to look forward to a TerraPond clay treat. Very much like a pet treat, Koi seem to enjoy the experience of playing and nibbling at the substance. As a result of this Koi play activity, your fish will receive the highest form of nutrients through direct ingestion.

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