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New Old Stock, Used

To order or for questions regarding these products, please call: 707 853 0118

This pump used 80.00        

2.6 amp low speed, approx. 2600 gph
8.8 amp. high speed approx. 4500 gph
2” ports
used union on discharge

used 2” waterway leaf trap to fit this pump with new unions 38.00 not pictured, see our P357 on leaf trap page

AUV A50079 Ultima II Filter Model 1000
2” ported filter with
new OEM Kaldness K1 like media
unions included,
new, more appropriate 0-15 psi gauge

Filter sells new 595.00      Used filter 295.00
Photo of new filter shown at right

Use a centrifugal pump such as Sequence 750 or Performance Pro Cascade 1/8 hp or larger.

This filter can not operate using a submersible pump.



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