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Pressure Gauges for Pressurized Filters

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The majority of pressurized bead/plastic media filter manufacturers equip their filters with the standard 0-60 p.s.i. pressure gauge. We've had numerous comments from customers complaining that those standard gauges don't register any flow!

Centrifugal pond pumps typically produce a maximum of 12 p.s.i. We have found a minimum maintenance approach to managing the bead/plastic media filters with the use of these lower pressure gauges.

These lower calibrations show a lower graduated reading of the low pressure typically produced by energy efficient centrifugal pond pumps such as Sequence, Performance Pro, AquaFlow, Wave, etc.

These gauges are not intended to be used on small entry-level hobbyist grade pressurized filters such as CalPump, BioForce, Tetra, and Bubble-Washed Bead Filter.

   PV105   1/4" NPT, 2 1/2" gauge diameter ,
stainless steel housing, nontoxic glycerin filled
  26.50  [Buy]
  PV100     1/4" NPT, 2 1/2" gauge diameter, polycarbonate housing, not glygerine filled, protection from rain and weather recommended  16.00  [Buy]

 PV103     Vacuum Gauge, 1/4" NPT, 2 1/4" gauge diameter, polycarbonate housing, not glygerine filled, protection from rain and weather recommended.

To be used on the suctions side of the plumbing system only. Typical uses are: Our model SHL125 economy pressurized settling chamber, or the TVSS Turbo Vortex settling chamber.

 25.00  [Buy]

Clear PVC Sight Tube

These sight tubes (select one based on port size of your filter backflush line) provide easier visual verification of the clarity of the water being backflushed from your filter.

Commonly, pressurized prefilters and biofilters (such as Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II, Aquadyne, Aqua Bead, FluidArt, Tetra PRF series Pressurized, and others) come with very small "sight jars" as sight tubes. We find these sight jars to be completely inadequate for the task. Our 6" long clear sight tubes allow for much greater visibility of water being backflushed from the filter.

Simply plumb into the backflush port of your filter. Attach the piece of pond liner over the sight tube using zip tie included. The liner functions as a sunscreen to prevent the clear tube from UV damage.

 CP112   1 1/2" x 6" clear PVC Sight tube with cover  8.00 [Buy]
 CP200   2" x 6" clear PVC Sight tube with cover  9.50 [Buy]


Bead/Plastic Media Filter Index

1 cu ft

  Bubble-Washed Bead
Pressurized bead filter
 500 - 10,000 gal.

 Ultima II
Pressurized Bio-tube media filter

  500 - 30,000 gal.

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