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  Most, if not all, the information you need to calculate the most energy-efficient pump for your use can be found on our web site through the Help Index and the individual pump pages.

  If you're still unsure about your decision or calculation, call us and we can help.

  We will require the following information when calling for assistance:

  Length and size of pipe from the point of exit from your pond to the point of entry to your pump. The point of exit should be either an inlet strainer or preferably a bottom drain.

  Elevation, if any of pump above surface water level of pond. Ideally, this should be a negative number, i.e.: pump should be located below surface water level of the pond, (outside of pond) which would provide a flooded suction to the pump

  Length and size of pipe from pump exit port to filter system entry port. Elevation difference between entrance port of filter and surface water level of pond.

  Length and size of pipe from filter exit to waterfall input or other "return to pond" feature. Elevation difference between exit port of filter and highest pool in waterfall or other "return to pond" feature.

  Elevation difference between surface level of the pond and highest pool in the waterfall.

  Total number, type and size of fittings in both the suction and discharge lines.

  Cell #  707 853 0118