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Summary of Guidelines for

Pump & Pipe Usage


 Performance will vary based on installation techniques. Pump port size does not dictate pipe size to use: run length, rise height, number and types of fittings does! Refer to a friction loss chart and a performance chart of the pump you are using to determine total head loss.

 Your pump should run 24 hours a day.

 Always attempt to locate the pump outside the pond, at or below water level of the pond in a pump vault.

 Always attempt to locate the pump as close to the source from which it draws water as possible and include a swing check valve.

 Be aware that pumps perform better, last longer and draw less electricity if they have a flooded suction (i.e., located below water level of the pond).

 Use 45° fittings instead of 90° fittings whenever possible.

 When in doubt always use the next size larger pipe as it is easier to reduce pipe size than it is to increase once the project is done.

 Never use a larger discharge pipe size than the suction pipe size.