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Common Entry Level Problems
Suggested Solutions


Poor profile & little water movement


 (sump pump with vinyl hose - debris in bottom)
Shallow bowl shape encourages predation and excessive algae.
Lack of liner under waterfall - leaks probable.
Sump pump near waterfall creates stagnant rotting debris.
Debris clogs pump intake daily.
Poor water quality due to lack of filtration and circulation.


Addition of a filter will help, but in-pond filters cause their own problems


  Debris in bottom - in-pond filter & sump pump
In-pond filter operates on suction side of pump, bogging pump over time.
Frequent removal of filter for cleaning disturbs debris around filter.
Filter location at lowest dissolved oxygen level in pond. Lack of oxygen at filter minimizes aerobic biologic filtration.
Filter and pump hardware combination in pond is unsightly.
Externally located filter provides for easier access, less time to clean, isolated from pond and tends to be more aerobic.

More improvements - an external filter & better water movement


   External filter - pump with large surface area intake screen
Pump is not bogged by large surface area intake screen. Resistance of flow to pump is on the discharge side of the pump.
Liner under waterfall and border edge rock contains water.
Straighter sides and greater depth reduces predation provides shadowed areas.
Greater depth increases volume, reduces temperature fluctuation.
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