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Skimmers, No-Niche Skimmers, Intake Sceens

No-Niche Skimmers,  Intake Screens

Strip Skimmer

Suitable for liner and concrete ponds

Floating guillotine-style weir
Easy through-wall installation (requires only one round hole to mount)
Easily accessible basket
Skimmer has easily accessible cartridge
Dimensions: 7" wide x 11.6" tall x 2.5" deep (front to back)
Existing concrete ponds require core drilling

Top of unit mounts a mere 1 1/2" above water level of the pond making it a stealthy installation
For ponds up to 500 gallons
Maximum flow rate of 500 GPH; minimum flow rate of 300 GPH ; making it ideal for smaller ponds
Requires a 7" wide relatively flat spot on the side wall of your pond
On liner ponds, a 1 1/2" bulkhead type fitting on the back of the skimmer attaches to your liner. A simple stainless steel bolt and fender washer assembly secures the top of the base plate in place.
Much stealthier than our D18703 skimmer - no reaching out into the pond or pipes visable.
Model available for new concrete ponds.

SK5100 Strip Skimmer (model for liner or fiberglass ponds) 69.95 [Buy]

No-Niche Skimmer

Keep Your Pond Water Surface Pristine- Easily retrofit existing pond with this skimmer unit; effectively removes floating leaves from the surface. Has large basket strainer capacity. Float weir allows varied pond water level. 1 1/2" bottom threaded port.
Requires water suction from intake side of a pump to operate.
Minimum flow rate 800 GPH. Maximum flow rate 1500 Skimmer IllustrationGPH
Requires a 1 1/2" minimum side wall or floor port to "tap into" suction side of pump.
A rigid or flexible liner can be retrofitted to use this skimmer by adding a bulkhead fitting to the wall or floor of a pond. For proper positioning in pond, see illustration:
Float ring weir has up to 5 1/2" of vertical travel to allow for water level changes; ie: filter backflushes, water changes and waves created by waterfall. See Dimensional Illustration below:
Skimmer has a 1 1/2" NPT female thread in the bottom of the skimmer for suction line hook up.
 Skimmer with black basket and improved heavy duty handle on basket
 D18603 No Niche skimmer, black basket 83.00 [Buy]
 D18703 Black replacement basket 26.50 [Buy]


(A) 1 1/2" - 5 1/2"
(B) Varies depending on (A)
(C) 6 3/4" minimum
(D) Varies depending on (C)

Overall diameter:  8"
Overall height:  9"

Installation Illustration Below

INTAKE SCREENS  Intake (Inlet) Screens: For use in ponds without bottom drains. Prevents fish entry into pump line; allows for passage of debris.
 C267 1 1/2" Intake Screen: 5 1/4" diam, 3 1/2" depth; 1 1/2" Female pipe thread 16.95   [Buy]
 C268 2" Intake Screen: 5 1/4" diam, 3 1/2" depth; 2" Female pipe thread 19.95  [Buy]
 C269 3" Intake Screen: 5 1/4" diam, 3 1/2" depth; 3" Female pipe thread 34.95  [Buy]

MPD-12 Submersible pump inlet strainer; 79.00 [Buy]
  15 1/2" O.D. x 13 1/2" high; 12 1/2" I.D.    
  For use with submersible pumps in the pond    
PIF3 Large cylinder intake screen 249.95 [Buy]
  11" Diameter x 30" Long
Comes with swing check valve

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