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 Ultraviolet Filter
Sterilizing System

Get Rid of Green Water Forever...
How an Aqua Ultraviolet Filter Works



An Aqua Ultraviolet system is intended to kill bacteria, parasites and algae living in your pond.

This does not mean that nothing can live in your pond. In order for the most harmful bacteria to reproduce, it must become free floating to find its host, and that's when your Aqua Ultraviolet system comes into place by killing the harmful bacteria.

Bad bacteria can spread throughout a pond and cause infection, this has been responsible for more people leaving the Koi hobby than any other factor. Aqua Ultraviolet systems have light indicators to show your system is on and working.

Your system should run, along with your pump, 24 hours daily. Lamp changes should be made every 14 months. Lamp changes are done easily by a one end plug connection. Aqua Ultraviolet sytems are environmentally safe and not harmful to humans.

Aqua Ultraviolet uses a Vycor slimline lamp, that is low in power consumption, well suited to applications requiring high ultraviolet intensity. The quartz sleeve is of the highest quality and clarity producing a more effective kill rate. Housings are made of the most advanced FlouroPolymer, the only housing with a limited Lifetime Warranty. 100% UV resistant. Aqua Ultraviolet ballasts are designed for outdoor use. UL listed class P, type 1 and low power consumption, .55 AMPS.

Aqua Ultraviolet systems are fully weather resistant, field and laboratory tested, manufactured in the USA and registered with the EPA.

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