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 Pond Guardian Tonic Salt:

Specially formulated to promote fish health by reducing stress, stabilizing pH, and aiding in the building of slime coat. 1 lb. treats 100 gallons at a tonic and pH buffer concentration.

Supports fish's immune system to combat disease
Guards against potentially damaging swings in pH
Add gradually over 3 - 4 days
1 dose produces a .1% salt concentration
25 lb. tub treats 2500 gal., 5 lb. bag treats 500 gal.
Redosing to maintain concentration is only required when exchanging water, i.e. backflushing filter or doing water changes.

  S791  Pond Guardian Tonic Salt 5 lb.


  S790  Pond Guardian Tonic Salt 25 lb.



S670 Koi Vital: Promotes appetite, growth, development and vitality; 16.9 oz.     9.50  [Buy] 
S666 pH Increaser: 1 gallon     65.00  [Buy] 
Aquasafe: Declorinates and removes chloramine and ammonia;
S671 Aquasafe: 8.4 oz. treats 1250 gallons



S669 Aquasafe: 16 oz. treats 2500 gallons



S672 Aquasafe: 3 liter treats 15,000 gallons



Liquids cannot be air shipped.
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air

Stress Coat A unique water conditioner that replaces the natural slime coating on the skin of pond fish when it has been damaged by handling, netting or other forms of stress.

Instantly removes chlorine and conditions tap water. Contains Aloe Vera to help heal torn fins and skin wounds. Prevents the loss of internal fluids & electrolytes. Protects damaged tissue of fish against external disease-causing organisms. Use when setting up a pond, adding new fish or changing pond water.

Dosage 2 Tbl. treats 60 gallons as a fish protectant and water conditioner. 1 Tbl. treats 60 gallons as a dechlorinator.

 S694 Stress Coat:8 oz. treats 960 gallons 7.50  [Buy] 
 S695 Stress Coat: 16 oz. treats 1,920 gal. 12.50  [Buy] 
 S696 Stress Coat: 64 oz. treats 7,680 gal. 38.00  [Buy] 
 S693 Stress Coat: 1 gal treats 15,360 gal. 69.00  [Buy] 

Liquids cannot be air shipped.
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air


  Tint It Blue: Algae control; sunscreen; blue in color; 1 tsp. for 1500 gallons
S705 Tint It Blue: 8 ounces 18.00  [Buy] 
S706 Tint It Blue: 1 gallon treats 1.2 million gallons 75.00  [Buy] 

Liquids cannot be air shipped.
No Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air



Microbe-Lift Bacterial Culture: Liquid bacterial culture; 1 quart treats 12,000 gallons; seeding new filters; clearing cloudy, unfiltered water

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